It's 1966 when Giorgio Gandellini and Anna Lari set up a little workshop in an attic in Northern Italy drove by a great passion for design and for Italian handicraft. Here they started designing, projecting, making and introducing their creations personally to the most important international exhibitions. About us »

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Last Creations

  • Ambrina

    Our best seller AMBRA now cordless and rechargeable. Available in 20 different finishes.

  • Techno

    The arm moves up and down and to both sides. It is also telescopic from 139 to 193 cm. The diffuser in chrome polycarbonate sets horizontally to the table.

  • Ottaplex Max

    The special lighting effect of Ottaplex Max is achieved with a combination of chrome and Plexiglass so as to maximize the diffuser light.

  • Rally

    Right restyling of a vintage motorbike light. Here proposed in the original black and chrome version. Adjustable upwards and downwards. Cordless and rechargeable.

  • Must/PL

    Must recalls big photographers spot lights. It has a telescopic stem and a Plexiglass diffuser. It rotates up to 360° and it can be oriented upwards, downwards and in the intermediate positions.

  • Tinin

    The spring blooms and our new cordless and rechargeable TININ comes into the world. Available in 20 different finishes.

  • Bonnie & Clyde

    The brightest and funniest couple ever seen! Arms and legs are adjustable. Cordless and rechargeable.


More than 50 years of history, more than 100 models in 20 different finishes, in more than 150 pages…it’s all in our catalogue. Enjoy browsing »


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